Hi, my name is Brandon


Im a dad. Most of the time I feel like life is a living interpretation of the adolescent song “Hi, my name is Joe”. Joe tackles his job diligently turning buttons with a combination of appendages while his boss just adds to his workload. Isn’t that life? A multitude of tasks and responsibilities juggled simultaneously. For children, that song is pure enjoyment; dancing around flailing arms, legs, and noses. For parents, it can represent an life of endless “to do” lists, errands, hobbies, sports, expectations, images, and lessons. Admittedly, it can all get overwhelming. When our little ones get buried with the complexities of the song they just drop it and move on to the next task of destruction. Not exactly an option for us. But with the help of caffeine… a lot of caffeine, and each other, we can give Joe a run for his money.

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