You can’t pass a Wubbanub through the eye of a needle.

You wanna know what its like to be a parent in the 21st century for real? Wubbanub, Dr. Browns anti-colic bottle, Nuby ice gel teether keys, Baby Einstein, VTech anything, Leap Frog educational toys, Fisher Price, Nerf, Mega Blocks… the list goes on. I know these names because I just walked through my kids room an took one look around. I’m a victim myself. Hundreds of dollars spent in hope for enjoyment, entertainment, and education of our little ones. We have such a consumer based society mixed with a high expectation to fulfill the dogma of “keeping up with the Kardashians” that we make sure to provide for our children the latest and greatest. Theres always the factor that’s inserted concerning raising our children in a better standard of living than that of our own upbringing.  You wanna know the parent secret… Our kids, Will crawl right past those name brands, knock over the trashcan, and be tickled pink for an hour with an empty water bottle. My Three year old will cut you if you have the only stick thats shaped like a gun. It’ll be all out hunger games at our house for the box of packing peanuts.

Moral of the story, give them love. Guide them to know right from wrong. And if your raising boys, be there with a first aid kit when the time comes.

4 thoughts on “You can’t pass a Wubbanub through the eye of a needle.

  1. Great post! We have lived this and have also decided to trim back. We decided to go moments over things. The transition has been difficult for our kids, while they love the moments they do miss getting “things” and have taken to “visiting” things anytime we are in a store or gift shop. Hopefully the detox subsides soon. Our struggle now are the family members who continue to spoil our children.


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