There’s no stopping time… Or a toddler.

One day, you’re making fun of the 30 and 40 somethings that throw out “back in my day” nostalgia as you laughingly roll your eyes. The seemingly next day, your realize how badly you can be injured by simply sleeping wrong and you find yourself asking “who the hell is Cardi B and what are Balenciagas”. Thank God for google.

Really, the 20 year old me never thought I’d be this excited about sleeping in until 8am. As parents, we’re just pumped that we get to close our eyes when we sneeze. The acronym “FOMO” has really started to make widespread circulation for the last year despite being coined over a decade ago. “Fear of missing out” usually applied to entrepreneurship apprehension and social anxiety has taken on a whole new meaning to parents of toddlers. I swear Alli closes her eyes for nap time and instantly thinks we’re throwing a rager in the living room with banana flavored Gerber Puffs raining down while Moana sings to us live. The professionals call it sleep regression. I call it punishment for all the times I answered my mom with “Sure Carla”.

Hey, we’ll sleep when we’re dead right? At least we’re not those 50 and 60 somethings talking about RV upholstery and medication side effects. Cheers mom and dad, even my coffee needs a coffee.

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