Do not stand in silence

Everyday our culture leads us to believe we aren’t good enough. We’re told by consumer advertising, news media, social media, marketing strategies that we aren’t pretty or handsome enough, that we’re not smart enough, and ultimately, that were not worth enough. The world around us would love for us to believe that we can’t find hope, love, identity, and satisfaction without what it’s selling.

So are our kids.

The scary aspect of this truth, how much more susceptible to these impressions are children? How easy is it for our kids to be influenced and starved in envy to the status quo? You want to know a secret? We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry. It is our obligation to our littles everyday to protect them from those lies. Be involved! Ask questions about their day, what they’re learning, their interests and passions. We must remind them everyday that they are loved, and they are enough. That no one’s standard holds them to accountability but their own. We can build a generation of strong, intelligent, independent, and confident leaders. We just cannot do it standing in silence.




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