I challenge you. Feed their trust.

I am continually astonished how is it that our kids trust us with unwavering fidelity. It often overwhelms me with pride, and moreover, humility. They believe we will always be there for them. We have the answers to their questions. They know we’re going to catch them when they jump or if they fall.

How frequent when presented with any crossroads of a decision, as adults, do we ask questions, we investigate angles, research history, compare competition, decide weather or not to invest that trust. As we should. Our life experiences has proven to us a track record of failures. Reasons to manifest cynicism. Its a law of aging to lose the resolve that children possess.

We rise by lifting others.

Its our responsibility as parents to PREPARE our children of the harsh realities that adulthood will undoubtedly bring. But I personally challenge you, mom. Dad. While you prepare your child for their future, PROTECT that sense of faith in the world’s “good”. NEVER be the reason for wariness. FIGHT to safeguard their purity for as long as we possibly can. BE the hero that they see in us everyday.

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